Design-Build and Construction

NES Pacific’s multi-disciplined resources and varied portfolio positions us to handle the complex and diverse design-build and construction needs of our clients. We use state-of-the-art technology, and our experts are highly trained and versed in the latest industry trends, such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certifications. We are known for our management skills, quality and safety, planning, budgets and schedules. Through our experience on multiple design-build and construction projects, our construction managers develop the optimum approach to quickly and cost effectively secure the right materials, equipment, and subcontractor and labor resources to meet the most demanding schedule requirements.
Project Management
NES Pacific offers clients cost-effective technical solutions that meet the most stringent regulatory and management requirements. We possess resources, certified systems, continuous training programs, expertise, experience and subcontractor relationships required to successfully manage and execute the most complex programs.
Architecture and Engineering
The NES Group is served by a certified, high qualified and international engineering and design teams applying their knowledge of building codes, construction standards, as well as industry best practices and innovative technologies to help deliver cost-effective technical solutions on design-build and bid-build (construction) programs worldwide. We ensure technical compliance at the highest level of quality at all phases of proposals, planning, design, field execution, commissioning, and closeout. Applying our experience and knowledge of industry best practices and technologies, we then target opportunities to further enhance our approach, yielding cost effective and practical solutions within our clients’ budgets, and realize their mission.
Environmental Remediation
NES Pacific provides cradle-to-grave environmental remediation services. With progressively stringent environmental regulations, as well as increased expectations and demands on our clients to clean up contaminated sites, NES Pacific has developed processes that have evolved through time and deliver results quickly, safely, and efficiently. We are experienced in applying a broad diversity of remedial technologies to remediate a full range of contaminants, including asbestos, metals and other inorganic materials, as well as volatile/semi-volatile organic compounds. We are experienced in the remediation of soil, sediments, surface water, groundwater, and all primary media. While we have specialized expertise with several remedial technologies, our greatest strength is our ability to assess and apply the most appropriate remedial technology to meet our clients' objectives in a cost-effective manner. Our multidisciplinary environmental professionals have remediated hundreds of contaminated sites under performance based, cost-type, and firm fixed price contracts. Regardless of site complexity, regulatory climate, and containment type, NES Pacific has the expertise to determine which traditional or innovative technology is appropriate to help our clients reach their objectives.

◦ Site investigation and remedial design
◦ Sampling and analysis
◦ Soil and groundwater remediation
◦ Decontamination, decommissioning & demolition
◦ Operation and maintenance (O&M)