A Message from the Executive Management
NES Pacific was created based on the concept of providing equal opportunities to talented individuals, willing to work hard to build quality facilities and infrastructure that exceed expectations and meet their intended purpose long lasting results, structures where the intended use sets a standard for others to model. This means solid buildings with reliable support systems. Our Engineering, Design, and Construction professional work together without pre-conceptions or bias against any good practices or technique. We live on this vision and not only our multicultural staff, yet also our efficient procurement with an understanding of time and regional borders, adapting the techniques for effective operations under any environment and local unique requirements.

Faithfully Yours,

NES Pacific Management
Company Overview
NES Pacific was responsible for the successful realization of multiple construction projects of the US Air Force in Okinawa on a MACC contract, since 2013.

From 2014 to 2019, multidisciplinary projects of various magnitude are under progress, with the US Army Corps of Engineers, and on both MACC contracts with the US Air Force and the US Navy.
Description of Business
NES Pacific G.K.
Capital - 42 Million Yen
Established - September 2013

Inspection and Assessment of buildings and facilities
Proposals for improvements and new constructions.

Expansion of Facilities.
Renovations of Existing Facilities.
New Buildings.
Water Works / Plumbing.
Architectural Works.
Civil Works.
Mechanical and Structural Works.
Electrical Works.
HVAC Systems.
LAN Systems
- Mitigation and disposal techniques adhering to the highest legal requirements.
- Analysis and procedures to ensure absolute protection of the environment.